A New Form of Charity


With the money collected, I will venture out into the world to commit random acts of kindness. Say someone on the side of the road has a flat tire... I'll give them a ride and get them a new tire! That hungery man on the street corner.... let's buy him a meal and give him a new coat. At the end of each month I will report back to you the results of our charity experiment. Although a dollar isn't much these days, collectively we will be able to make a difference in the lives of those who desperately need to be reminded that miracles do happen!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Month

Ok, we just got started and it looks like March was a good month. I have a new idea that goes along with my plan. I am going to visit Friendship Park (a homeless shelter in Sacramento) to see if they might need some new paint or trees. Maybe even some help, which takes just a drive over and no money necessary. I will let everyone know what comes of that.
One more thing, I talked to an old friend last night who I hadn't talked to in years and it was like we were talking every day. I realized that sometimes you run into people when they need it the most. Sometimes you lose touch with people and sometimes things change in their lives like they have kids or they may move to a new town. At the right moment, you run into that person again. I may not have bought her a sleeping bag, or bought her a new tire. What I did was to listen when she needed it most. Sometimes all it takes to effect change is to take the time to treat someone with the love and respect they deserve as a member of the human race.

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